Studio A With Barb Januszkiewicz

What Is Studio A?

Studio A with Januszkiewicz 
is an effort to foster community involvement,
heighten art awareness
and educate on the creative process.

Barbara Januszkiewicz's has moved her 2nd Street Studio to a new location in the heart of Clarendon,VA, Studio A. It is a venue with a myriad of purposes and a wide range of functionality with the main goal of stimulating conversations about creative vision and the artistic community. 

Studio A is Januszkiewicz's working studio that quick changes into a fine art gallery, teaching environment, a listening venue,  pop-up evening events and more.

 Project Moxievision is a grassroots effort coming out of Studio A to tie in the community here at DMV/by bringing a wide range of talent together to thrive and cross-pollinate  innovative ideas.

Moxievision will offer open mentorship for interns and match them with professionals volunteers, in this outreach.
Moxievision hopes together we can nurture artistic vision, cultivate the artist’s ability to communicate plus connect with new audiences, and build a network of friends and colleagues, all working together. see

 More info email,


3409 Wilson Blvd

Arlington, VA 22201